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espalda de mujer recibiendo un masaje relajante

Relaxing Massage

It is a full body massage which is focused on the relaxation of the body and mind. It is indicated to relax the muscles of daily tiredness, improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins from the body and also to relax the mind. Enjoy a massage in Lanzarote and let yourself be taken care of by our team of professionals.

Podal Reflexology

It is a massage that is performed by acting on the reflex zones of the body that have their nerve endings in the feet. It is indicated to improve the mood and well-being of the person.

pies de mujer recibiendo tratamiento reflexología podal
espalda chica recibiendo masaje con poedras calientes en natural zen wellness

Hot Stones Massage

Known as geothermal therapy, or what is the same, hot stone massage, is an ancient oriental massage technique inspired by disciplines such as reiki. This therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application of stones at different temperatures to the skin, to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus relieve physical and emotional disorders.

Masaje Zen Relax

Treating ourselves to a relaxing massage from time to time can have great results on our health and physical well-being, thus improving our quality of life. Relaxes the body and mind, promoting deep breathing and eliminating feelings of anxiety. Reduces and eliminates muscle pain, such as knots, pulls or contractures. Strengthens blood circulation, thus increasing the supply of oxygen to organs and tissues. Improves the nervous system. Create a feeling of well-being. Recover energy and accumulated tiredness (promoted by stress, exercise or physical exertion). Increases natural defenses.

espalda chica recibiendo masaje con poedras calientes en natural zen wellness
couple massage natural zen wellness massage puerto del carmen

Couples Massage

Enjoy a serene 50-minute Couples Massage, followed by 30 minutes of a private sauna and Jacuzzi experience. This massage not only promises deep relief for both but also creates an intimate space to strengthen your connection. Delight your senses in an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being, allowing each minute to contribute to the renewal of the body, celebrating the special connection you share.

Deluxe Massage. 4 hands.

In this four-handed massage, two masseurs work on each part of the body at the same time, maintaining a constant rhythm and balanced pressure.

This double massage provides a unique sensory experience that helps to forget tension and provides a total sensation of well-being. Indicated for those looking for a unique and extraordinary experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

It is an intensive massage that is focused on unloading and releasing the tension of certain muscle groups. It is indicated to alleviate contractures and muscular hardness. It improves blood circulation and eliminates toxins and makes muscles more flexible, making them relax again.

Hindu Head Massage

It is a massage from India and is performed on the upper part of the body, head, neck and shoulders. It is indicated to relieve tension, improves blood circulation, calms the mind and produces a beneficial effect for the well-being of the person.

cara de mujer acostada recibiendo masaje hindu de cabeza

a friendly and professional treatment

Welcome to Natural Zen Wellness Center

We are a Wellness Therapy Center specialized in massage and beauty in Lanzarote. In our menu of services you can find a variety of massages and beauty treatments that will make your holidays in Lanzarote more pleasant. We are located inside the Hyde Park Lane Hotel, in the town of Puerto del Carmen.


Monday: 10:00 – 18:00 

Tuesday: 10:00 – 18:00 

Wednesdey: 10:00 – 18:00 

Thursday: 10:00 – 18:00 

Friday: 10:00 – 18:00 

Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00 

Sunday: cerrado

+34 689 427 336

Hotel Hyde Park Lane

C/ Hungría, 6. Puerto del Carmen. 

Lanzarote 35510.


What they say

We had a great time at this spa. The staff is incredibly kind and welcoming. The massages were great and we left with beautifully done manicures. The cost/quality ratio was great too. It's a new favourite place of ours for the holiday! Thank you to all the team! Magali & Céline
Amazing spa!Maria and tzeni did an incredible massage to me and my boyfriend. Very friendly both of them. The atmosphere was great relaxed and chill. Definitely if you want to relax during your holidays you shout visit.
Brilliant spa. Me and two friends had hour long massages followed by wine and fruit with our own private jacuzzi and eucalyptus steam room. The staff went above and beyond, they were so nice and friendly, excellent customer service, massage was also top class, highly skilled therapists. Overall would highly recommend, a great girls day out! 😍
Danielle Roche
Danielle Roche
Un des meilleurs massages que j’ai pu avoir, merci encore🥰
Very professional, you feel yourself freshly reborn
Rodica Macovei
Rodica Macovei
Could not recommend highly enough! The staff were exceptionally lovely and I couldn't ask for a better service. I had the jacuzzi and steam room to myself and it was exceptionally relaxing and clean. The cup of Irish tea was a lovely addition 🙂 The massage was wonderful and relaxing and I can't thank both staff members enough for their kindness, hospitability, and humanity. I was travelling alone after a hard year and they took care of me like family. I'll never forget the experience and I'll be returning every time I go back to Puerto del Carmen
Kate Murray
Kate Murray
Treated my mother in law to a 50 minute relaxation treatment. Maria is AMAZIIIING 😍 not only is she extremely professional and accommodating she is INCREDIBLE (mother in laws words) at her job. Thank you Maria x
Dominique Patroklou
Dominique Patroklou
100% recomendable. Me hice un masaje relajante y fue maravilloso!! Volveré!! Gracias y gracias
Cristina Briegas Obispo
Cristina Briegas Obispo
2 masseuses au petit soins pour notre rituel aux pierres chaudes, une vraie découverte relaxante. On en ressort reposé et détendu. Merci beaucoup !
camille pk
camille pk
The nicest and most accommodating staff I've met in a while! We called in the morning for three massages (2 relaxing, 1 sport) and they sorted us for the early afternoon. We were all very happy with the experience and highly recommend this spot if you are looking for a massage. The place was very clean and the prices very fair. Thank you very much & buen continuación 😊
Tiaré Sigüenza
Tiaré Sigüenza

About us

 Natural Zen Wellness is a Wellness therapy center, dedicated to the care of beauty and well-being of people. We offer SPA services (sauna and jacuzzi), body treatment and beauty & massage services in Lanzarote.

We are specialists in various therapies such as quiromassage, reflexology, sports massages, oriental massages, facial treatments, waxing, manicures and pedicures.

Our experience in the therapy sector is more than 10 years. We have weekly offers and special discounts for couples, families and groups.

Come visit us and you will find the appropriate treatment that will provide you with the best experience and a feeling of peace, harmony and serenity.